Unlike most lead guitarists of the Shadows style who were influenced by Hank Marvin, the man who started my desire to play guitar was Colin Pryce Jones from The Rapiers. The sound he gets has a magic singing quality and it was a sound that hooked me in when I was just 11 years old. My first guitar was a ½ size acoustic guitar where I learnt the basics but I always had a (Hank)ering for a real Fender Stratocaster and I finally got one in 2002 thanks to my Mum and Dad.

I played in a couple of bands when I was at school but it wasn’t the sort of music I wanted to play so when I left school I gave up and sold most of my guitar equipment but kept my Stratocaster. In 2009 I was watching Bruce Welch in a programme about the 60s and decided to get my Strat back out and begin playing again. I attended my local shadows club in Southend and began to learn a lot of the Shadows hits and developed my own style as well. I had a shadows band with some friends from our Shadows club however they were all in other bands so I began to consider setting up a new band with musicians from outside the shadows community. A chance meeting with Keith Robertson led to the birth of the Wannabe Shadows. Now my time is concentrated between my youtube channel and performing throughout the country with my band.

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  1. hi Steve , I subscribe to your u tube channel , love the sound you got with the blackstar Id 60 and hall Collins echo how did you set the amp up setting wise to get that sound . many thanks,Ian

  2. Steve

    You kindly offered to let me have a copy of Lars’ tab + BT.

    Sorry I’ve left this message in the wrong place but I could not find your contact address.

    Many thanks


  3. well done steve for taking it up again
    I have been playing from scratch self taught on and off for just a little over 2 years it’s a great hobby
    regards ian

  4. Hi Steve,I just bought the bt for what a wonderful world have you got the tabs up for it, thanks Geoff

  5. Hi Steve i may be in the wrong place but can you sell me the shadows mega mix backing track as the site you give out is apparently unsafe thank you Colin

  6. hi steve I wanted to buy runaway from your site but I cant buy it ////is there something wrong with the site thanks ray

  7. hi Steven i would like to buy the backing tracks of california blue ( the Version you are using on youtube), is it possible?

  8. Hi Steve I think your version of you don’t know is great I keep playing it,I have down loaded your tab of it and I am learning to play it slowly ? What key is your backing track in and where did you get it from.
    Thanks Mike

  9. Thanks Steve, I have found your online store and bought the notes that I wanted, thank you and see you, your friend Jørgen Primdahl Denmark

  10. You sent me a message some time back in Charlie Hall about having a copy of Marvin Mastertrax available … I did reply but again it was some time ago so thought try again via your web site. Cheers Derek

  11. I have a Hall and Collins.., What do you think of the Blue Nebula. Is it as good ??
    I am looking at it as it is a sensible size for a pedal board !!

  12. Hi Clive i use the blue nebula all the time these days for the reason its a nice size to have on my pedal board. Its not too far off the hall and collins although the patches may need editing to suit your own needs.


  13. Hi Steve, love all your covers , and your sound demos , very authentic shad sounds. can you tell me where i can obtain a backing track for “in the night garden”please .

  14. Hi Steve
    I have just purchased two tabs Your my world and Runaway I paid through Paypal and expected to get download links for them straight away do I have to wait for you to send them to my email address ? or should I have received links to them ? thank you in advance. Also which in your opinion which is the better guitar the Revelation RSS Sleepwalk or the Harvey Benton ST-59HM for the early Shadows records

  15. Hello Steve,
    I came across you on you tube recently and your playing is fantastic.
    I am a 64 year old man who has just bought a fender guitar and started taking lessons, had 6 up to now . I would really appreciate it you could send me the tabs for the Helen shapero for me to practice on.
    Thank you Chris

  16. Hello,

    I would like your opinion on which purchase I advise you of the three guitars, I play the style the shadows, pete korving, 60 years.:
    1 -Vintage V6, guitar Firenza red, maple
    2- Harley Benton ST59 Tribute
    3 Revelation RSS Sleepwalk Unboxing

    I looked at your tube with the Revelation RSS, it looks beautiful and I prefer the color of the handle FLAME of the revelation RSS that the handle of the Harley Benton which is rather yellow ??

    I know we find the Harley Benton at thoman, but if I decide to buy the Revelation RSS sleepwalk, or can we get it?
    At what price ?
    Are there any shipping costs for France?

    In this expectation and thanking you in advance


    A. BIEOU

  17. Hello Steve — I found your YouTube Channel and your site. Good job. Love your covers.

    I see you are selling patches for the Zoom XiON. I also see in one of your YouTube videos you menione Art D’Echo. Are these the same patches? AND, are they a download or via CD.

    Thanks in Advance — Randy

  18. Hello, Steve.
    Your video on Youtube playing “I wish I could shimmy like my sister Arthur” is excellent. Have you got around to making/offering a TAB for it yet?


  19. Hi Steve love your YouTube page just took up playing the guitar would it be possible for you to send me the guitar tab to peace pipe by the shadows or can I purchase it from you? Keep on posting the videos your a fantastic player

  20. Hi Steve enjoy your website very easy to use just purchased 3 tabs from you all good,also subscribed to your channel,picked a few tips up watching you play, love all the 60s tunes.
    I treated myself to a guitar at christmas a strat copy maroon with maple neck and fretboard and a line6 spider amp 15w with effects and echo ,sounds great.I already play a technics GA3 organ ,so I thought id try the guitar .
    Ive always liked the shadows ,and Roy Orbison hence the tabs i purchased and Venus love that one.Ive got a few Shadows tabs from friends and the internet,really enjoying it tend to practice about an hour a day ,think im getting there lol.
    Cheers from Dave.

  21. Hi Steve.
    I saw your blue star patch demo on youtube for the G1X
    I have a G1xon and wonder how to use one of the switches as a Tap Tempo Switch for delay effects.
    I have not seen any reference to this in the G1Xon manual. Do you have any idea to get it? I appreciate your comments. Thank you.

  22. Hi Steve, Hope you are well, have you got the bt for ==I dreamed there was no war==, I am more than willing to pay for it, thanks again for you help with the tabs and bts you do for guys like me, take care, regards, Geoff

  23. Hi Steve, have purchased California Blue tab – Pay Pal . How do I download the tab. Thanks.

  24. Hello steve,just discovered your site and i love it,I down loaded–i think of you–merseybeats–I wonder if you could shoot me a mail giving a link to the backing track (i love the way you have played it) many thanks, david ashdown.

  25. Hi Steve it’s paul(Henry) I spoke to you briefly about a San Francisco backing track last night at the celebration of the shadows venue
    I wonder. If you have one available

  26. Hi Steve,
    Just an FYI, the last couple of times I’ve gone to your website my Norton has blocked a virus attack. Might be worth running a check.

  27. Hi Steve
    Just seen your utube for Sweet Caroline by Neil Sedaka I hope you are going to do the guitar tabs for this song. I have purchased quite a few of your guitar tabs including the Last Waltz. I requested a year ago tabs for Forever and Ever by Demis Roussos. If you find time to do Sweet Caroline and Forever and Ever then I would like to purchase both of them.
    Regards Geoff

  28. Hi Steve,
    Hope you’re well.
    I have been trying to buy the BT for “Raining in my Heart”, but all I get is a spyware alert (false I think) that stops my browser working, I use either Safari (Mac OS) or Firefox.
    Are you able to help?

    Barry Upjohn

  29. Hi Steve

    I’ve been playing your version of ‘Smile’ (the slow one) for a while but lately one of my friends now wants to jam with me. Would it be possible for you to send me the chords for this tune and where they fit in the tune.
    An early reply will be much appreated as he has designs to play in a local pub in the very near future.

    May Thanks and
    Kind Regards
    David Claxton


  31. Thanks Poppy, the katana was used for send me the pillow. I used the hall and collins echo and recorded it using an SM57 microphone placed in front of it. Hope this helps

  32. Hi David, thanks for the message. I dont have the chords im afraid however if you go to http://www.chordify.net and type in smile steve reynolds this will bring the chords up for you. Hope this helps.


  33. Hello Steve….I am making a special request for the backing track of a song you played….In A Persian Market….let me know how to purchase it…..thanks …cheers from Vanouver…Ramon

  34. Hi Steve,
    I like your Shadows music on Youtube very much. You use(d) meazzi echomatic modified. Can you tell me which modifications you made? Only heads position?
    Regards, Wim

  35. Hi Ramon thanks for the kind words, The backing track came from Robby Januarsa. You can find him on youtube and he may be able to assist as i dont have the backing any longer im afraid


  36. Hi Steve
    Enjoyed your playing on YouTube for a while and your interpretations
    of lots of Shads tunes and others songs as well.
    Could you possibly contact me as I have a question about availability
    of a backing track you use but I can’t seem to find.
    Many Thanks from OZ

  37. Hi Steve
    Have always enjoyed your YouTube videos of the Shads tunes but only just run across
    your version of Saturday Nite at the Duck Pond which I love.
    You mentioned in your post that the BT came from UB Hank B/T Vol 5 but, try as I may,
    I can’t get hold of it as it was deleted quite some time ago.
    Are you able to help as I would love to learn this tune.
    Many Thanks and Keep those videos coming.
    Pete from OZ

  38. hi steve , really love the video for “Silence Is Golden” on YouTube , i can find the link for your backing track to this on here but i really want to purchase it plus the tabs , can,t find the tabs so was hoping you could provide a link for me to purchase them and the backing track together , everywhere else you look for tabs to this song it,s always chords and i really want the tabs for the track just as you played it on YouTube , thanks steve and look forward to your reply ,as a complete novice who,s trying to self teach myself guitar it,s a breath of fresh air watching your video,s and your playing inspire,s me to carry on , big thumbs up from me !

    regards – Tommy

  39. Very good directory congratulations, have you the tab of you raise me up on sale kind regards

  40. Hi steve I ordered and paid for 2 song tabs recently:its the end of the world by skeeter davis and don’t let the sun catch you crying by Gerry and pace makers. I received the 2 of them but now it disappeared from my computer since shutting down! how do I get the tabs back??? I paid both in full! where do I go on the computer to find both??

  41. Hi ,

    I just ordered and paid with paypal the song : you are my world. Its says there is a link to download it. But there is not one?

    Regards ,

  42. Hi Steve,

    Great website you have here my Friend. I had also a look at your BT and Tabs page and there where promising numbers on it, I’ll come back to that page, thats for sure .

    Greetings from Holland

    Freddy AKA Zaanse Shadow

  43. Hi Steve
    Hope your well I subscribe to your YouTube channel and I’ve just listened to your version of the Seekers hit I’ll never find another you . Brilliant have you got the tabs and BT for this piece. Many thanks Chris.

  44. Hej Steve
    My name is Fritz Jensen from Denmark, eie vil here how can eie bye baking traks to San Francisco, eie can not find this on you site, if ei can have one CD from you wil eie play des from my radio
    Best Regard F.J.

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