Echo Machines

Hall and Collins Signature Echo

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18 thoughts on “Echo Machines”

  1. Hi Steve !
    Have recently seen some of your utube videos…Great work,you play really well! I’m a shads fan & seriously interested to get an echo machine that will enhance my guitar playing sound. With your experience kindly suggest which one should I get.
    Thank You,

  2. Hi Steve,
    i have seen some of your utube Videos… Your Sound is very great and unique.
    Very professional – this Sound goes straight into my heart. I Play since 10 years
    some of the shadows tunes, Steve can you tell me what kind of strings and pickups,you are using.
    Thank You ,

  3. Hi Josef

    Thanks for your nice comments. I use guage 11s on most of my guitars normally d’addarios. The pickups are all different. I use Toneriders in my blue guitar. Original Squier ones in the Simon Neil Strat and then Custom Shop pickups in my custom shop.

    Hope this helps


  4. Dear Steve as a novice with a zoom 508 is it possible to give me amp settings for Hank Marvin sounds.My amp is a Fender Mustang v2 111.My Zoom 508 has Charlie Hall Patches.

    Yours Sincerely William Borthwick

  5. Hi. Steve. I want to buy a hall n collins signature echo unit. How do i go about it? Cheers
    Frank sicari

  6. hi, steve, you did hanks version of one moment in time a while ago on you tube and you you really played it excellently ,are you selling the guitar tab for this song , would like to buy a copy ,thanking you and kind regards. glen.

  7. thanks for replying steve, tried the tabman , tried to purchase the one moment in time tab it just says safari cant open, looks like there not trading no more, i have to look elsewhere. keep up the good work steve keep that sound going.

  8. Steve,
    I’m in a position where I can purchase a Blue Nebula Echo unit but having second thoughts that’s just over half price of a Hall and Collins unit.
    Any thoughts on the quality and reproduction of these two units that would help me.

    By the way I have nearly conquered California Blue thanks to you and your video, oh! yes the tab did help as well.

    Keep up the good work

  9. hi steve i have a zoom G1on but not the settings for the shadows apache and other
    songs i’m from belgium if you have it can’t you send me these please i pay you of can you help me
    thank you very mutch

  10. hello Steve,
    I like very much both your playing and tone. I see that you experienced many different gears and I would like to ask you which you consider the best arrangement among tape echo simulators (Hall & Collins, Blue Nebula etc…) plus
    amplifiers/amp simulators.

  11. Hi Steve, just love your songs especially surf songs! Also love “the end of the world” by skeeter davis! Where can I find the device that has all these backing track songs and tabs?? can it be purchased?? exactly the name of it, I see you using it on your lap, thanks john

  12. Hi John thanks for the message appreciate it. The device is an Ipad that i load the tabs on to and then look at them on there. The tabs can be obtained from the website. Hope this helps


  13. Hi Steve,Please advise if the tab for Traveling Man & True Love Ways are available for Procurement.Great sound.
    Cheers from Sunny South Africa.

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