Echo Machines

Hall and Collins Signature Echo

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17 thoughts on “Echo Machines”

  1. Hi Steve !
    Have recently seen some of your utube videos…Great work,you play really well! I’m a shads fan & seriously interested to get an echo machine that will enhance my guitar playing sound. With your experience kindly suggest which one should I get.
    Thank You,

  2. Hi Steve,
    i have seen some of your utube Videos… Your Sound is very great and unique.
    Very professional – this Sound goes straight into my heart. I Play since 10 years
    some of the shadows tunes, Steve can you tell me what kind of strings and pickups,you are using.
    Thank You ,

  3. Hi Josef

    Thanks for your nice comments. I use guage 11s on most of my guitars normally d’addarios. The pickups are all different. I use Toneriders in my blue guitar. Original Squier ones in the Simon Neil Strat and then Custom Shop pickups in my custom shop.

    Hope this helps


  4. Dear Steve as a novice with a zoom 508 is it possible to give me amp settings for Hank Marvin sounds.My amp is a Fender Mustang v2 111.My Zoom 508 has Charlie Hall Patches.

    Yours Sincerely William Borthwick

  5. Hi. Steve. I want to buy a hall n collins signature echo unit. How do i go about it? Cheers
    Frank sicari

  6. hi, steve, you did hanks version of one moment in time a while ago on you tube and you you really played it excellently ,are you selling the guitar tab for this song , would like to buy a copy ,thanking you and kind regards. glen.

  7. thanks for replying steve, tried the tabman , tried to purchase the one moment in time tab it just says safari cant open, looks like there not trading no more, i have to look elsewhere. keep up the good work steve keep that sound going.

  8. Steve,
    I’m in a position where I can purchase a Blue Nebula Echo unit but having second thoughts that’s just over half price of a Hall and Collins unit.
    Any thoughts on the quality and reproduction of these two units that would help me.

    By the way I have nearly conquered California Blue thanks to you and your video, oh! yes the tab did help as well.

    Keep up the good work

  9. hi steve i have a zoom G1on but not the settings for the shadows apache and other
    songs i’m from belgium if you have it can’t you send me these please i pay you of can you help me
    thank you very mutch

  10. hello Steve,
    I like very much both your playing and tone. I see that you experienced many different gears and I would like to ask you which you consider the best arrangement among tape echo simulators (Hall & Collins, Blue Nebula etc…) plus
    amplifiers/amp simulators.

  11. Hi Steve, just love your songs especially surf songs! Also love “the end of the world” by skeeter davis! Where can I find the device that has all these backing track songs and tabs?? can it be purchased?? exactly the name of it, I see you using it on your lap, thanks john

  12. Hi John thanks for the message appreciate it. The device is an Ipad that i load the tabs on to and then look at them on there. The tabs can be obtained from the website. Hope this helps


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