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  1. Thank you very much Steve for that.Just heard the Twelfth of Never nice number if you have the time can you tab that for me.Thank’s Steve….Donny

  2. Hi Steve M8,,,hows u my friend ,,,well this is exactly what us newbies need and want ,this is fantastic bud,,A big Thank You for taking the time and effort to put these up ,,but we greedy buggers want more of this plz,,,yr a true gent and again thank you Steve appreciate this very much ,plz keep em coming especially Christmas ones now its nearly here,wishing u and yr family all the very best ,take care cheers Mac

  3. Thank you very much Steve for that.
    Always a nice gesture to Tabs and BT’s share with other members of the site.
    I will gratefully use it to practice and play at my house.
    Tonnie (hemmes1)

  4. Hi Steve.
    As you can see from above my name is Colin Miller.
    I live in a seaside resort on the South coast called Weymouth.
    Earlier this year I joined Charlie Hall and friends web site as one of the many that are in search of the holy grail sound of early Hank. Being somewhat older than you (62 to be precise)I can vividly remember as an 8 year old the first time I heard Apache. That sound sent shivers down my spine and from that moment on I became a Shadows fanatic. The best thing they ever recorded in my humble opinion was Wonderful Land. Whenever I hear that tune, or Apache, or Telstar by the Tornados the memories come flooding back of those long ago wonderful days when every record was brilliant and I had the whole world and a lifetime to look forward to (it couldn’t get any better)it was FANTASTIC. The ironic thing is Steve I can tell by the tunes you play and the Supurb way you play them that you have a real feeling for the old sounds and tunes, and I feel you would of really loved it back in the day, Sadly you were born a few years too late.
    After naturally learning to play the guitar at 10 years old (guess what my inspiration was)as soon as I was old enough and for many years I was out gigging all over the country, being forced into early retirement in 2002. Now I have a den set up at home with all the gear I have amassed (guitars amps echos and fx etc)since the 60s.
    I now sing and play along to backing tracks that I either do myself or buy in. Every year over four days at Christmas I put on a Christmas show for friends and neighbours…. and this is where this is all going.
    Ready…here goes.
    I watched the video of you demonstrating Charlie Halls new Hall & Collins unit. You played Apache, and it sounded to me as though you had the original recording minus Hank.
    I also read somewhere that Hanks guitar sound can be removed leaving the original backing track using Audacity.
    I downloaded latest version 2.1.1 but not being the computer generation am not understanding it very well.
    What I’m asking Steve do you think it would be at all possible that you could help me out by explaining how its done (step by step)
    I got as far as downloading a stereo version of Apache in MP3, but it doesn’t work and I don’t know what to do next Please could you help.It would be much appreciated.
    Colin Miller
    01305 771618 if you wish to phone.

  5. Hi Steve,
    I loved your playing and look forward to more great songs.

    Thanks for the above which is greatly appreciated and an Alzheimer donation will be made

    Cheers and best wishes for 2016

  6. Olá Steve.

    Congratulations for their work, are wonderful!
    Steve,send the backing track: STUPID CUPID for me?

    Hug and thanks

  7. Hello Steve,
    I am French, I live in Bordeaux.
    I discovered your video, I give you my congratulations, you are a very good guitarist, and have managed to get the sound of the era of 60/70.
    I am an ex guitaritse a group of Rock and Roll and Rhythm and blues in France from 1965 to 1980, I had a Strato and a Gibson, I played with a VOX amp with a FACTOTUM SPECIAL MEAZZI like yours, a super good material, I have not.
    Can you tell me if the FACTOTUM SPECIAL MEAZZI you use is a reproduction or an original.
    If breeding can you give me the details of a potential seller?
    Thank you for the happiness you bring to those who listen to you

  8. Hi Jack, sorry i must have missed your comment thanks very much appreciate it. My Meazzi is actually an original 1963 model that has been restored and renovated.

  9. Hi Steve. I’ve just discovered your backing track for the twelfth of never ,it’s fantastic. Could you please forward the tab to go with it ,that would be great . Thank you.

  10. Hi Steve.ive just discovered your backing track for the twelfth of never,it’s fantastic. Could you please forward the chords and tab to go with it,that would be great.thank you.

  11. Hi Steve,
    I love very much your song, and thank you for the BT of Massasuchets
    Michel PVD

  12. Can you plz put the tabs down For .the end of the world I’ve been looking for them for ages and just heard u playing it plz.

  13. Hi Steve
    I am a 65 year old trying to get back into my guitar after listening to you play. I have tried to find your tab for California Blue but with no luck any chance you could help. I really like listening to you and the sound you produce. Keep it up and
    Many Thanks

  14. Hi Steve
    I have really enjoyed your covers you have posted on Youtube, in particular the non shadows covers from the sixties such as Billy Fury who I’m a big fan of. You have kindly shared some of your tabs with the community and was wondering if you had any plans to share the tab you have for your earlier Billy Fury covers such as Forget Him or When Will You Say (I Love you). No worries if you don’t want to share these. Keep those covers coming. 🙂

    All The Best


  15. Colin,

    removing the lead guitar with audacity relys on the guitar being in the centre of the stereo stage and nothing else sitting there. It is very hit and miss.

    As a suggested alternative have you checked this site…

    He has quite a lot of Shadows backing tracks and the best part they are all FREE!
    I have used them

    Dave in Wiltshire

  16. Hi Steve,
    Smashing version of 12th of Never
    Where can I find a copy of this and your California Blue tabs


  17. Hi Steve, been following you on Youtube for a long time now,you gave me the inspiration to buy the H&C ECHO,after watching your demo, i think the echo is superb with a lot of editing potential, One thing i would like to ask you , did you record a version of Cicci guitar condor “Last of the Mohicans” if so do you know where i can buy the BT, I Know Dave Monk done it a few years ago but he does not appear to reply to emails, love your version of The twelth of never, keep up good work, thanks Alan Edwards,

  18. Hi Steve, I really enjoy watching your videos. What a great guitarist you are!
    Could you please either sell me or tell me where I could get a copy of the lead guitar tab for ‘You’re my world’, which you cover superbly.
    Thank you.
    Best wishes,

  19. Hi Steve, Sorry to waste your time, I’ve just noticed the tab for ‘You’re my world’, and have now ordered it.
    Best wishes,

  20. Hello Stephen,
    I have been watching you for quite a while and I would like to express my opinion of you, A very good guitar player that is willing to help people.
    I am at this time trying after many years wasted trying to play and I am wondering if you ever got the Gary Taylors backing track of “When the Girl in your Arms”, I am also like you a keen follower of Kurt Froberg, and I think I saw you last year at Scarborough,If I meet you next time he over here I will give you a copy of my CD. Thank you for any help you can give me and any payment will be made when requested.
    Yours faithfully
    Alan Gray

  21. Hi Steve,
    Have you a single backing track for The Magnificent Seven that I can buy I am trying not to buy a full CD with it on and maybe never use the other BT tracks on it?


  22. Hi Steve, I’m willing to buy the Dr who Tabs but can only find the backing track. Thanks, for help. Brian

  23. Hi Steve, also like Brian I would like to purchase a Dr Who tab. The ones that I can find are not accurate, where as yours appears to be spot on. 😉

  24. Hi Chris good to hear from you. The tabs for Dr Who theme are available in the shop section on here. Hope this helps




  25. Hi Brian thanks very much they are on here under the shop section along with other guitar tabs.

  26. Hello Steeve,
    I would like you to send me the backingtrack of “The Twelfth of never”, it would be a great pleasure for me, I “scratch” for my pleasure, I am 75 years old, thank you and wish you a pleasant day. Michel

  27. Hi Steve,
    Just considering purchasing one of the Eastwood LG50’s. Could you tell me what the set up was like out of the box and how it’s been since you got it. Does it have an adjustable truss rod and was there much in way of adjusting to what appears to be a very slim body shape. Any info would be gratefully accepted.

  28. Hi Mick nice to hear from you. The guitar was great straight out of the box although i prefer heavier strings myself. I dont believe there is a truss rod adjustment on the guitar. The guitar is very small and light and playing it standing up with a strap takes some getting used to but its not a major issue. Hope this is of some help.




  29. Hi, would it be possible to receive tabs for When You Walk in the Room?
    Many thanks in anticipation.
    regards Roger

  30. Hi Steve,
    Sorry only just found your original reply to my original question on the LG50 so please ignore my latest query posted 19/9/17. Also please keep doing the videos really great and a pleasure to watch and listen to. By the way have you ever considered doing a version of “hushabye mountain” from chitty chitty bang bang I think you’d do a great job on it if you decided to tackle it. All the best in continuing the great work and entertainment and inspiration for all of us wanna be great guitarists like yourself.

  31. Bonjour STEVE je suis Français je vous ai envoyé 4,40 gbp pour deux tablatures
    n° 462 & n°475
    paiement envoyé à SREYNOLDS92@HOTMAIL.COM par PAYPAL
    J’espère avoir ces tablatures au plus vite merci
    Je suis un grand fan de votre musique tous les jours je vous regarde sur google ( BRAVO )
    Dans l’attente d’une réponse musicalement Didier

  32. Hello Steve.
    I have been following you for a few years now. Your playing of the classic guitar instrumentals are brilliant. The backing tracks you supply are again, brilliant quality too. However, I cant seem to be able to save them to my files. Could you advise me on this please?

  33. Hi Roger, nice to hear from you and many thanks for your nice comments. The backing tracks if you are using windows you can right click on the backing track link and click save as? Hope this helps.


  34. Hi Steve, Love Your music, I have downloaded the backing track for “Silence is Golden” but i can’t find the tabs on your website.

  35. Hi Steve, love your music,great sound the sixties.
    Have you the tab cathys clown -the everly brothers?
    Ware can i find it ?

  36. Hi Fran thanks for the message, i have never tabbed this one out im afraid, will see what i can do.


  37. Hi. Steve. I have emailed. You before. I am. Trying to find the tabs for the. Searchers. When you walk in the room. Can you help I. Am. Having trouble with I. Thanks.

  38. Hi Steve I have emailed You before I am Trying to find the tabs for the Searchers When you walk in the room Can you help I Am Having trouble with It Thanks.

  39. Hi Steve,

    Just found your web site and appreciate your offering. Can you explain how to transfer these backing tracks into iTunes.

  40. Hi Steve
    I Love you music great, great sound.
    I need your help.
    The TAB for sea cruise / Pritty Blue Eyes.
    Back Track for Puppy Love is it available for procurement.
    Many Thank’s in Anticipation

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