Guitars17081_10153183505087394_4912468456439045890_n Fender Custom Shop 56 NOS Fiesta Red With Gold Plated Hardware and Birdseye Maple Neck


Alan Brason Custom Built Stratocaster. Blue Burst Finish with Birdseye Maple Neck and Gold plated Hardware. 


Burns Marvin 2004 Anniversary Model

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  1. hi steve i am new to your website i would like to know the amp you have the blackstar can you giveme its full name so i can find it on the web as i like the sound of the one that you use cherrs Geoff PS SORRY THAT IT MITE NOT BE IN THE RIGHT PLACE THAK YOU

  2. hi steve what do you put your vox tonelab through as I have one and not sure how to connect it up thanks colin

  3. Hi Steve

    Thanks for putting this web site together and all the information and help you have provided on the web.

    I bought a Zoom G1XON and the Art D Echo Patches that I programed in. I have tried the unit through a few different amps , Fender Mustang, Rolland Cube. The echo sounds correct but the overall sound is terrible, very bright and tinny even when I completely turn the treble down on the amp, turn the bass and middle up, The sound has no body / depth. Can I ask you if I need to set any other settings like a graphics equalizer or is it something I am doing wrong, I have tried it without setting the VOX combo amp on the pedal but still the sound and tone is not good. Even through a USB interface into the computer the sound is bright and tinny and I have to use the graphic equalizer in the software to get a half decent tone. Any help would be appreciated

  4. Hi Steve

    Sorry to hear you are having a problems. Ive used it a few times both direct and with and without amp settings and i always found it sounded muddy rather than tinny, not really sure what to recommend to be honest. Have you checked the setting that says direct or amp etc?

  5. Hi Steve,
    Thanks for your help.
    Regarding the Zoom G1XON , I have not been able to find “Direct” or “Amp” in any of the settings.

  6. Hi Steve. Could you please give me contact details for Alan Brason, I’m thinking about asking him to make a “Fender” type neck.
    Many thanks.

  7. Hi Steve
    I use the Zoom G1Xon and your Shadow Patches (ebay).
    I saw on YOUTUBE ” Massachusetts “. What a great sound.
    3 Questions.
    1. Do you have a patch for the ZOOM G1Xon for the Sound of ” Massachutsetts ”
    2. What is the Price of this ?

    Sorry for my bad english, but I´m a poor german.

    Many Thanks in advance

  8. Steve,
    I need some advice on a replacement guitar effects pedal for my bedroom recording.
    In the past i have used zoom508—-alesis Q2—–Magicstomp all with EFTP patches but I need a new pedal but can not justify paying what would be needed to replace any of these models.
    I think I could afford a Zoom G2NU ( no swell pedel ) Have you any Experience with this but like the fact that it interfaces with the pc for recording.
    I see that you sell patches for the G3 and obviously are familiar with that unit
    So should I save for a G2 ??? and what about shadows patches ? can you supply ?

  9. Hello Steve !
    Thanks for your informations about how to sound like the shadows for a few bucks!
    I bought the Zoom G1XOn and I want to play it infront of a Roland Cube Amp live on Stage, so I have to set the “Out”-Parameter to “Combo Front”. This alters the sound, which means, that some of the brightness goes away. Is there a rule of changing setting ?
    I would like to have all the necessary Sounds (or even just the settings) of the Shadows for playing live on stage having the Zoom G1XOn through my Roland Cube.
    Please tell me the price and where I can send the money, because I don’t use Paypal.
    Peter from Austria

  10. Hi steve
    Many thanks for the music you do.
    I had a stroke about 3 half a year ago,i have just started music again. I have brought a G1on and got some patches on e bay. I found it difficult to say to get in going but got it going. Ive got a squire guitar not the best and the tremolos does not work. My question is how do i get music ect Apache the same time as guitar how does it work.What do i need thats to expensive. Many thanks Phil

  11. Hi Steve, I have bought a few tabs off you and I like them very much. Just wondering if you are going to produce tabs for When You Walk in the Room. I frequently watch your videos on YouTube, and admire your excellent playing. If you don’t mind me saying I prefer your Burns sound, but all very good anyway.

  12. Hi Steve. I have a question about the zoom G5n and if you have any experience about that pedalboard????

    I’ve asked zoom about a patch for a Hank Marvin sound but not gotten an answer yet. And i saw your clip on youtube about the zoom g3n and thought i asked you about it.

    I want trade my line6 pod for a nother pedalboard and thinking about the G5n.

    Regards. Johan

  13. Hi Steve,

    Do you still use the eastwood LG50. Only seen it in one of your videos, a couple of years ago I think now. Was wondering whether or not to try one myself.

  14. Hi Steve. I have ordered a Zoom G1on and was wondering where I could purchase patches to replicate the Hank Marvin sound. Thanks in anticipation and keep up the good work.

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