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  1. Hi Steve,

    I really admire your work – I came across you by chance on YouTube & have enjoyed checking out your videos and learning your story.
    I’m a similar age to you I think (30) & like you have appreciated the Music of The Shadows from a young age. I got a part time job at 13 to buy my first guitar – a Fender Squier strat, then was lucky enough to have lessons with a guy from a Shadows tribute band.
    Life got in the way though – work, marriage, kids etc so the guitar got packed away in the loft. Recently I’ve picked it up again though & have been trying to play The Shadows songs again.
    A problem I’m having though is trying to find decent guitar tabs – I’ve tried Guitar Tab Universe but a lot of the tabs are hit & miss. Is there a site you can recommend / that you use?
    Any advice would be greatly received.
    I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future & commend you for raising the profile of the wonderful Shadows music. It took guts to go on Britains Got Talent. Keep up the good work.

    Cheers & all the best


  2. Hi Steve,
    I’ve just send you a BT Dakota in the style of the jumping Jewels.
    Best regards:

  3. Hi Steve great guitar playing love the shadows music
    can you tell me how you setup the zoom g3 with shadows patches
    love to hear from you
    Kind Regards.

  4. Hi steve im looking to purchase, california blue by roy orbison tabs. I was wondering is it possible you send me the tabs to my email and we can pay through PayPal. Thanks

  5. Dear Steve, I have being trying to emulate Hank’s’ sound (which you seem to get right on the button with every track I have heard from you)

    I don’t have a Vox amp. I am using a Fender twin. It has a middle control which I have turned up to around 8. This seems to be the nearest I can get. I have got an Alesis with Charlie Hall’s echoes from the past on it. The echo sounds very near, but my Strat doesn’t seem to capture Hank’s sound.

    Any suggestions on Strat or Amp settings?


  6. Hi Steve hope your well and had a good Christmas & new year I’m hoping you can help me your friend dave monk has done a version of distant drums by Jim reeves could you get me the tabs and backing track for this tune ,I tried to contact Mr monk but got no reply if a contribution is required please let me know how much. Many thanks happy new year. Chris Munro.

  7. Hi Chris

    Nice to hear from you. Dave doesnt use tabs im afraid but i may be able to have a listen to it and work it out for you in the next couple of days. The backing track sounds the same as the one from

    Hope this helps


  8. hi ,again steve, i want to buy the tab from you , runaway which you played on you tube excellently , but the problem is where can i get the backing track for it, can you help. kind regards glen.

  9. Hi Steve
    I have seen you on utube and I really enjoy your music.
    I have been playing the guitar for about 2 years now and at 71 years old I have got the bug. I recently bought some guitar tabs from you. I have a request for guitar tabs for the song by Demis Roussos Forever and ever.
    Many thanks keep the playing good music.

  10. Hi Geoff nice to hear from you thanks for the nice comment. Ill have a look at that one and see what i can do.




  11. hi, steve , you said any requests , hanks version of one moment in time, managed to the backing track ok but cannot get hold of the tab , i would buy straight away , thanks steve keeping the sound and music alive, kind regards glen.

  12. hi, steve , loved your latest recordings, the mustang amp sounded very good ,with the q2, suited the tune, anyway just want to let you know i managed to get the tab for one moment in time, they had in stock at leos den, keep up the good work steve, i am practising hard got a shadows gig on the 25th of this month keeping the sound alive , kind regards glen.

  13. Hi Steve. I saw some posts from (I think) 2015 re EQ’s on the CH&F’s web site. I was wondering if you would mind sharing any settings that you found could get you closer to “That” sound.
    Regards Dave

  14. Hi Steve hope your well and ready for Christmas ,l have a dilemma I have a zoom G3X but I cannot figure out how to get the hank marvin sound I’ve tried tinkering with it but nothing really close I am looking to purchase the patches off you but I’m worried how to set it all up it seems to me you have to be a computer geek ,I’m still learning guitar so I seem to spend more time figuring out settings than practising guitar hope you can help. All the best for the new year and have a great christmas.

  15. Hi Steve
    Have just got the Katana 50, can you help with your settings for the great Hank sound you get with your Katana amp

  16. Hi Steve, love your youtube videos
    Just watched you on Britains Got Talent (old video) the panel were disgraceful the way they acted
    just goes to show they only like the new junk so-called music.
    I bought a Vox guitar in 1964 had 3 jobs to save for it (it was a very hasty guitar Vox super six) I am starting again to play the shadows music but only the 59 – 64 period
    not all the junk that Hank has done since
    They went downhill fast when they brought violins, trumpets and the rest into their music in my opinion

  17. hi steve j ai regle via paypal le cd avec bt thank you hank le 29 mars et je n ai pas encore recu.j espere que ce clis n est pas perdu..dans l attente recois toutes mes amitiƩs..serge

  18. Hi Steve,

    I am subscriber and like what you do. I have got a Katana 100 head which I see you use. I would appreciate it if you could give me some advice on the settings to get the Shadows sound.
    I am using a Strat Elite version 4 noiseless pickups.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


  19. Hi Brian nice to hear from you and thanks for the kind words. I tend to use the katana on the clean channel with treble, middle and bass at 12 and then use a caline 10 band eq to get the shadows sound. This enables the mid range quack so to speak. Hope this helps


  20. Hi Steve
    Love your California Blue. I’ve been playing it a while now but cannot replicate your double stop section on the upper strings (I have to use single string). I would very much appreciate it if you would let me have the fingering for this section of the song. Keep up the good work

  21. Hello I just purchased some music from you Release Me and Spanish Eyes
    when will you send it to me by email will you advise me thanks John

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